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Name Expression MW Function Other Names Family
CD301 immature DC 38kD binds Tn antigen, uptake of glycosylated antigens MGL, HML C type lectin SF, ASV
CD302 some myeloid and Hodgkin’s cell lines 19-28kD a fusion protein in Hodgkin’s lymphoma w/ DEC-205 DCL1, BIMLEC Type I TM C-type lectin receptor
CD303 plasmacytoid dendritic cells 38kD inhibit IFN-α production BDCA2, HECL C-type lectin SF ASV
CD304 neurons, CD4+/CD25+ Treg, DC, endothelial and tumor cells 130kD interacts w/ VEGF165 & semaphorins, co-receptor with plexin, axonal guidance, angiogenesis, cell survival, migration BDCA4, neuropilin 1 semaphorin family
CD305 NK, B, T, mono 32-40kD inhibitory receptor on NK and T cells LAIR1 IgSF, ASV
CD306 unknown   soluble, mucosal tolerance LAIR2 IgSF, ASV
CD307 B subset, B lymphoma 55-105kD B cell development, translocation in some lymphomas IRTA2 IgSF (Fc receptor), ASV
CD309 endothelial, angiogenic precursor cells, hemangioblast 230kD binds VEGF, regulates adhesion and cell signaling VEGFR2, KDR Type III TM tyr kinase
CD312 mono, mac, moDC, granslow 90kD cell adhesion and migration for phagocytosis EMR2 EGFR-7TM ASV
CD314 NK, CD8+ activated, NK1.1+ T, some myeloid cells 42kD binds MHC class I, MICA, MICB, Rae1 & ULBP4, activates cytolysis and cytokine production, costimulation NKG2D, KLR Type II lectin-like receptor
CD315 B subset, monoact 135kD w/ CD81 and CD9 CD9P1, SMAP6, FPRP, PTGFRN IgSF
CD316 B, T cells, low on NK cells 63-75kD w/ CD81 & CD9; involved in cell migration EWI2, PGRL, CD81P3, KASP IgSF8
CD317 B, T, NK, mono, DC, fibroblast cell line, myeloma 30-36kD pre-B cell growth, overexpressed in multiple myeloma BST2, HM1.24 Type II
CD318 HSC (subset of CD34+), tumors 135kD cell adhesion with ECM CDCP1, SIMA135 Type I, ASV
CD319 T, B and DC subset, NK, upregulated in DC 66kD regulate T and NK cells CRACC, SLAMF7 Ig TM
CD320 follicular DC, germinal centers 30kD B proliferation, tumor formation 8D6A, 8D6 LDL receptor
CD321 platelet receptor, epithelia and endothelial, platelets 35kD tight junctions JAM1, F11 receptor IgSF, Type I, ASV
CD322 HEV, other endoth 43kD cell adhesion, lymphocyte homing to secondary lymphoid organs JAM2, VE-JAM IgSF
CD324 non-neural epith 120kD cell adhesion, homotypic interaction & binds αE/β7 E-Cadherin, Uvomorulin cadherin SF
CDw325 brain, skeletal and cardiac muscle 140kD cell adhesion, neuronal recognition N-Cadherin, NCAD cadherin SF
CD326 most epith cell membranes 35-40kD growth factor receptor? Ep-CAM, Ly74  
CDw327 placenta, spleen, B . sialic-acid dependent   adhesion, membrane- bound & secreted forms SIGLEC6 IgSF
CDw328 resting and activated NK, placenta, liver, spleen, lower in gran & mono 75kD sialic-acid dependent adhesion, inhibit NK activation, hemopoiesis SIGLEC7, AIRM-1 IgSF
CDw329 neutrophils and mono   sialic-acid dependent adhesion molecule SIGLEC9 IgSF
CD331 fibroblasts, epithelial 30kD binds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors FGFR1, Fms-like tyrosine kinase-2, KAL2, N-SAM TM tyr kinase
CD332 fibroblasts, epithelial 115-135kD binds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors FGFR2, BEK, KGFR TM RTK family
CD333 fibroblasts, epithelial 115kD binds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors FGFR3, ACH, CEK2 TM RTK family
CD334 fibroblasts, epithelial 110kD binds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors FGFR4, JTK2, TKF TM RTK family
CD335 NK 46kD activates NK cells upon non-MHC ligand binding NKp46, Ly-94 homolog IgSF
CD336 NK 44kD activates NK cells upon non-MHC ligand binding NKp44, Ly-95 homolog IgSF
CD337 NK 30kD activates NK cells upon non-MHC ligand binding NKp30, Ly117 IgSF
CDw338 stem cell subset (side population) 73kD multi-drug resistance transporter ABCG2, BCRP, Bcrp1, MXR GPCR 7TM
CD339 stromal cells, epithelial, AML 135kD binds Notch, hematopoiesis Jagged-1, JAG1, JAGL1, hJ1 EGF TM

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