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Name Expression MW Function Other Names Family
CD101 mono, gran,DC, Tact 120kD T cell activation V7, p126 IgSF
CD102 lymph, mono, platelets, endoth 55-65kD binds CD11a/CD18, costimulation ICAM-2 IgSF
CD103 intraepithelial lymph, lymph subset, activated lymph 150, 25kD w/ integrin β7, binds E-cadherin, lymph homing/retention HML-1, α6, integrin αE Integrin family
CD104 epith, Schwann cells, keratinocytes, some tumor cells 220kD w/ integrin α6 (CD49f), cell adhesion, differentiation, metastasis β4 integrin Integrin family
CD105 endoth, bone marrow subset, activated mac 95kD cellular response to TGF-β1 Endoglin homodimer
CD106 activated endoth, FDC 110kD VLA-4(CD49d/CD29) receptor, leukocyte adhesion, migration, costimulation VCAM-1 IgSF
CD107a activated platelets, T, endoth, metastatic tumors 110kD a lysosomal membrane protein LAMP-1  
CD107b activated platelets, T, endoth, metastatic tumors 120kD a lysosomal membrane protein LAMP-2  
CD108 erythrocytes, lymphoblasts, resting lymph 80kD      
CD109 T and platelets, CD34+ subset, endoth 170kD      
CD110 megakaryocytes, platelets, some CD34+ stem cells 82-84kD thrombopoietin receptor, megakaryocyte progenitor cell growth/differentiation MPL, TPO-R CRSF
CD111 stem cell subset, mac, neutrophils 64-72kD   PRR1, Nectin-1 IgSF
CD112 mono, neutrophils, CD34+ subset, megakaryocytes, endoth, epith 64-72kD intercellular adhesion PRR2, Nectin-2 IgSF
CDw113 testis, placenta 83kD adhesion molecule that interacts with afadin PVRL3, Nectin3 IgSF
CD114 myeloid progenitors, endoth 95, 139kD myeloid differentiation/proliferation G-CSFR CRSF
CD115 mono, mac, monocytic progenitors 150kD CSF-1R, monocytic differentiation/ proliferation M-CSFR, c-fms IgSF, RTK family
CD116 mono, gran, DC, endoth 70-85kD w/ common β, myeloid differentiation/proliferation GM-CSFRα CRSF
CD117 hematopoietic progenitors, mast cells 145kD SCF receptor, hematopoietic progenitor development/differentiation c-kit, SCFR IgSF, RTK family
CD118 epithelial cells in adult and embryo 190kD membrane-bound involved in signal transduction, soluble form inhibits activity of LIF LIFR, gp190 Type I CRSF & secreted forms
CDw119 mac, mono, B, T, NK, neutrophils, endoth 90-100kD IFN-γ Rα, w/ IFN-γ AF-1, host defense IFNγR  
CD120a hematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cells 50-60kD receptor for both TNF-α and TNF-β TNFR-I TNFRSF
CD120b hematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cells 75-85kD receptor for both TNF-α and TNF-β TNFR-II TNFRSF
CD121a dimly expressed on many cells 80kD binds IL-1α and IL-1β, IL-1 signaling IL-1R type I IgSF
CDw121b B, mac, mono, T subset 60-70kD binds IL-1α and IL-1β, negative signals IL-1R, type II IgSF
CD122 NK, T, B, mono 75kD IL-2Rβ and IL-15Rβ, signal transduction IL-2Rβ CRSF
CDw123 lymph subset, basophils, hematopoietic progenitors, mac, DC, megakaryocytes 70kD IL-3Rα, w/ CDw131 IL-3R CRSF
CD124 lymph, mono, hematopoietic precursors, .broblast, epith 140kD IL-4Rα, w/ CD132 or IL-13Rα, T cell growth/differentiation IL-4R CRSF
CDw125 eosinophils, basophils 60kD IL-5Rα, w/ CDw131 IL-5R CRSF
CD126 B and plasma cells, most leukocytes, fibroblasts 80kD IL-6Rα, w/ CD130 IL-6R IgSF, CRSF
CD127 T, pro-B 65-75kD IL-7Rα, w/ CD132, B and T cell development IL-7R CRSF
CDw128       see CD181 & CD182  
CD130 Bact  and plasma cells, most leukocyteslow, endoth 130kD IL-6Rβ, IL-6, IL-11, LIF, CNF signals IL-6Rβ, gp130 CRSF
CDw131 mono, gran, early B 95-120kD w/ α subunits of IL-3R, IL-5R, and GM-CSFR, signal transduction IL-3R common β CRSF
CD132 T, B, NK, mono, gran 64kD subunit of IL-2R, IL-4R, IL-7R, IL-9R, and IL-15R, signal transduction Common γ CRSF
CD133 hematopoietic stem cell subset, epith, endoth 120kD   AC133, prominin-like 1 TM5SF
CD134 Tact 48-50kD T cell activation, differentiation, apoptosis OX-40 TNFRSF
CD135 myelomonocytic, primitive B progenitors 130-150kD tyrosine kinase, binds FLT3 ligand, early lymph development Flt3/Flk2 RTK family
CDw136 epith, CNS, PNS, hematopoietic subset 180kD migration, morphological change and proliferation of different target cells MSP-R, RON RTK family
CDw137 Tact 30kD T costimulation 4-1BB TNFRSF
CD138 plasma cells, pre-B, basolateral surface of epith, meurons 80-150kD receptor for ECM, cell morphology Syndecan-1 Syndecan family
CD139 B, mono, gran, erythrocyteslow 228kD      
CD140a fibroblasts, smooth muscle & glial cells, chondrocytes 180kD binds PDGF A and B PDGFRα RTK family
CD140b fibroblasts, smooth muscle & glial cells, chondrocytes 180kD binds PDGF B PDGFRβ RTK family
CD141 mono, neutrophils, endoth, smooth muscle cells 100kD initiation of protein C anticoagulant signal Thrombomodulin C-type lectin
CD142 mono, endoth, keratinocytes, epith 45kD binds clotting factor VIIa, initiator of clotting Tissue Factor  
CD143 endoth, epith, neurons, fibroblasts, activated mac 170kD angiotensin converting enzyme, angiotensin II & bradykinin metabolism ACE  
CD144 endoth 130kD adhesion, cell-cell interaction VE-Cadherin, Cadherin-5 Cadherin family
CDw145 endoth, some stromal cells 110, 90kD      
CD146 endoth, melanomas, FDC, Tact 113-118kD adhesion MUC18, S-endo IgSF
CD147 leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, endoth   adhesion Neurothelin, basoglin IgSF
CD148 gran, mono, DC, T (high upon activation) 240-260kD tyrosine phosphatase R Type III HPTP-eta  
CD150 T subset (high upon activation), B, DC, endoth 75-95kD costimulation, proliferation, Ig production, measles virus receptor SLAM IgSF
CD151 endoth, megakaryocytes, platelets, epith 32kD cell adhesion PETA-3  
CD152 Tact and B 33kD CD80 and CD86 receptor, negative regulation of T cell costimulation CTLA-4 IgSF
CD153 neutrophils, B, Tact and mac 40kD CD30 ligand, T costimulation CD30L TNFSF
CD154 Tact 32-39kD CD40 ligand, B and DC costimulation CD40L, gp39, TRAP TNFSF
CD155 mono, mac, CD34+ thymocytes 80-90kD Polio virus receptor (PVR) PVR IgSF
CD156a neutrophils, mono 69kD leukocyte extravasation ADAM8  
CD156b broad 100kD cleaves membrane proteins (TNF, TGFα) to generate soluble forms TACE/ADAM 17  
CDw156c lymphoid organs, peripheral blood leukocyte, cartilage, chondrocytes and fetal liver 98kD proteolytic cleavage of cell-surface molecules including Notch, TNF-α, APP and ephrin-A2 ADAM10 Peptidase M12B family
CD157 gran, mono, B progenitors, endoth 42-45kD ADP-ribosyl-cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase activities, pre-B cell growth BST-1  
CD158a NK subset, T subset 50-58kD inhibition of NK cell cytolytic activity, MHC class-I specific NK receptor p58.1 IgSF, KIR family
CD158b NK subset, T subset 50-58kD inhibition of NK cell cytolytic activity, MHC class-I specific NK receptor p58.2 IgSF, KIR family
CD159a T subset, NK 43kD w/ CD94, NK cell receptor NKG2A  
CD159c NK 40kD w/ MHC class I HLA-E molecules, forms heterodimer with CD94 NKG2C Type II C-Type Lectin
CD160 NK subset, T subset 27kD costimulation BY55 IgSF
CD161 T subset, NK 40kD NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity NKR-P1A C-type lectin
CD162 mono, gran, most lymph 120kD CD62P, CD62L ligand, adhesion, rolling PSGL-1 Mucin family
CD162R NK subset     PEN-5 CHO
CD163 mono, mac     130kD Scavenger receptor SF
CD164 hematopoietic progenitor cell-stromal cell interaction 80kD   MGC-24 epith, mono, lymphlow, bone marrow stromal cells, CD34+ erythroid progenitors
CD165 adhesion, thymocyte-thymic epith interaction 42kD   AD2, gp37 lymph subset, mono, immature thymocytes, platelets
CD166 neurons, mono, epith, fibroblasts, Tact 105kD CD6 ligand, adhesion ALCAM IgSF
CD167a epith, myoblasts 120kD tyrosine kinase, adhesion to collagen DDR1 RTK family
CD168 mono, T subset, thymocyte subset, intracellularly in breast cancer cells 84-88kD adhesion, tumor migration, metastasis RHAMM  
CD169 tissue mac subset 185kD adhesion, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, binds CD227 on breast cancer cells and CD43 on T cells sialoadhesin, Siglec-1 IgSF, sialoadhesins
CD170 Mac subset, neutrophils 140kD adhesion Siglec-5, CD33-like2 IgSF, sialoadhesins
CD171 CNS, PNS, glial cells, mono, T subset, B, DC, several human tumor cells 200-210kD kidney morphogenesis, lymph node architecture, T costimulation, neurohistogenesis, homotypic interaction, binds CD9, CD24, CD56, CD142, CD166, integrins L1 IgSF
CD172a mono, T subset, stem cells 110kD adhesion, complex w/ CD47 SIRPγ  
CD172b mono and DC 50kD negative regulation of RTK-coupled signaling SIRPβ, SIRB1 IgSF
CD172g mRNA: liver and at lower levels in many tissues 45-50kD binds CD47 SIRPγ, SIRPB2 IgSF, ASV
CD173 erythrocytes, stem cell subset, platelets     Blood group H type 2 CHO
CD174 stem cells subset, epith     Lewis Y CHO
CD175 stem cells subset     Tn CHO
CD175s erythroblasts     Sialyl-Tn CHO
CD176 stem cell subset     Thomson Friedrenreich Ag CHO
CD177 neutrophil subset 56-62kD   NB1  
CD178 Tact, testis 38-42kD CD95 ligand, apoptosis, immune privilege, soluble form in serum FasL, CD95L TNFSF
CD179a Pro- and Pre-B 16-18kD B cell differentiation/signaling, w/ IgM V pre B IgSF
CD179b Pro- and Pre-B 22kD B cell differentiation/signaling, w/ IgM Lambda 5 IgSF
CD180 B subset, mono, DC 95-105kD B cell activation, LPS signaling, w/ MD-1 RP-105 LRRF, TLR family
CD181 neutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, mono 39kD binding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils CXCR1, IL-8RA GPCR1 family
CD182 neutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, mono 40kD binding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils CXCR2, IL-8RB GPCR1 family
CD183 eosinophils, Tact and NK, GM-CSF activated CD34+ progenitors 40kD IP-10 , Mig and I-TAC receptor, T cell recruitment to inflammatory sites, enhancement of Th1 response CXCR3 TM7SF
CD184 B, DC, T subset, mono, endoth 45kD SDF-1 receptor, X4 HIV-1 coreceptor CXCR4, fusin TM7SF
CD185 mature B and Burkitt Lymphoma cells 45kD w/ chemokine BLC, possible regulatory function in Burkitt Lymphomagenesis and/or B differentiation, activation of mature B CXCR5, BLR1 GPCR1 family
CDw186 Tact 40kD receptor for CXCL16 and coreceptor for SIV, strains of HIV-2 and m-tropic HIV-1 CXCR6, BONZO GPCR1 family
CD191 T, mono, stem cell subset 39kD binds C-C type chemokines and transduces signal by increasing intracellular calcium ion levels CCR1, MIP-1αR, RANTES-R GPCR1 family
CD192 activated NK and mononuclear phagocytes, T subset, B, endoth 40kD binds MCP-1, MCP-3 & MCP-4, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection CCR2, MCP-1-R GPCR1 family
CD193 eosinophils, lower expression in neutrophils and mono, T subset 45kD binds eotaxin, eotaxin-3, MCP-3, MCP-4, RANTES & MIP-1δ, alternative coreceptor w/ CD4 for HIV-1 infectiongg CCR3, CKR3 GPCR1 family
CD195 mono, T subset 45kD MIP-1α, MIP-1β and RANTES receptor, R5 HIV-1 coreceptor CCR5  
CD196 T subset, B, DC subset 45kD binds MIP-3α/LARC CCR6, LARC receptor, DRY6 GPCR1 family
CD197 T subset, DC Subset 45kD 6Ckine and MIP-2β receptor CCR7  
CDw198 T, high expression in Th2, NK, mono 50kD allergic inflammation, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection CCR8, GPRCY6, TER1 GPCR1 family
CDw199 subset of memory T, lamina propria mononuclear cells 43kD binds SCYA25/TECK, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection CCR9, GPR-9-6 GPCR1 family
CD200 thymocytes, endoth, B, Tact 45-50kD inhibition of immune response OX-2  

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