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 Name Expression MW Function Other Names Family
CD1a cortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, DC 49kD antigen presentation, w/ β2m T6 IgSF
CD1b cortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, DC 45kD antigen presentation, w/ β2m T6 IgSF
CD1c cortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, DC, B subset 43kD antigen presentation, w/ β2m T6 IgSF
CD1d intestinal epith, B subset, mono, DC 49kD antigen presentation, w/ β2m   IgSF
CD1e DC 28kD antigen presentation, w/ β2m   IgSF
CD2 thymocytes, T, NK 50kD CD58 ligand, adhesion, T cell activation T11, LFA-2, SRBC-R IgSF
CD2R Tact 50kD activation-dependent form of CD2 T11-3 IgSF
CD3gd T, thymocyte subset   w/ TCR, TCR surface expression/signal transduction T3 IgSF
CD3e T, thymocyte subset 20kD w/ TCR, TCR surface expression/signal transduction T3 IgSF
CD4 thymocyte subset, T subset, mono, mac 55kD MHC class II coreceptor, HIV receptor, T cell differentiation/activation T4 IgSF
CD5 thymocytes, T, B subset, B-CLL 67kD CD72 receptor, TCR or BCR signaling, T-B interaction T1, Tp67 Scavenger R SF
CD6 thymocytes, T, B subset 100-130kD CD166 receptor, T cell differentiation/ costimulation T12 Scavenger R SF
CD7 hematopoietic progenitors, thymocytes, T, NK 40kD T costimulation   IgSF
CD8a thymocyte subset, T subset, NK 32-34kD MHC class I coreceptor, receptor for some mutated HIV-1, T cell differentiation/activation T8, Leu-2 IgSF
CD8b thymocyte subset, T subset 30-32kD     IgSF
CD9 pre-B, eosinophils, basophils, platelets, Tact 22-27kD cellular adhesion and migration p24, MRP-1 TM4SF
CD10 B precursors, T precursors, neutrophils 100kD zinc-binding metalloproteinase, B cell development CALLA, NEP, gp100 type II TM
CD11a lymph, gran, mono, mac 180kD CD11a/CD18 receptor for ICAM-1, -2,-3, intercellular adhesion, T costimulation LFA-1, integrin αL Integrin family
CD11b myeloid cells, NK 170kD binds CD54, ECM, iC3b Mac-1, integrin αM Integrin family
CD11c DC, myeloid cells, NK, B, T subset 150kD binds CD54, fibrinogen and iC3b p150, 95, CR4, integrin αX Integrin family
CDw12 mono, gran, platelets 90-120kD      
CD13 myeloid cells 150-170kD zinc-binding metalloproteinase, antigen processing, receptor for corona virus strains Aminopeptidase N, APN type II TM
CD14 mono, mac, Langerhans cells, granlow 53-55kD receptor for LPS/LBP, LPS recognition LPS-R GPI-linked
CD15 neutrophils, eosinophils, mono   adhesion Lewis-x, Lex CHO
CD15s neutrophils, eosinophils, mono, memory helper T, and B, NK, HEV   CD62L and CD62P ligand, adhesion Sialyl Lewis X CHO
CD15u myeloid subset   adhesion Sulfated Lewis X CHO
CD16a neutrophils, mac, NK 50-65kD component of low affinity Fc receptor, phagocytosis and ADCC FcγRIIIA IgSF
CD16b neutrophils 48kD component of low affinity Fc receptor, phagocytosis and ADCC FcγRIIIB IgSF
CDw17 neutrophils, mono, platelets   lactosyl ceramide    
CD18 broad, all leukocytes 95kD w/ CD11a, b & c, adhesion Integrin β2 Integrin family
CD19 B, FDC 95kD complex w/ CD21and CD81, BCR coreceptor, B cell activation/ differentiation B4 IgSF
CD20 B, T subset 33-37kD B cell activation B1, Bp35 TM4SF
CD21 B, FDC, T subset 145,110kD complement C3d and EBV receptor, complex w/ CD19 and CD81, BCR coreceptor C3DR, CR2, EBV-R CCRSF
CD22 B 150kD adhesion, B-mono, B-T interactions BL-CAM, Siglec-2 IgSF, sialoadhesins
CD23 B, activated mac, eosinophils, FDC, platelets 45kD CD19-CD21-CD81 receptor, IgE low affinity receptor, signal transduction FcεRII C-type lectin
CD24 thymocytes, erythrocytes, peripheral lymph, myeloid 35-45kD binds P-selectin BA-1 GPI-linked
CD25 Tact, Bact, lymph progenitors 55kD IL-2Rα, w/ IL-2Rβ and γ to form high affinity complex Tac, p55 type I TM
CD26 thymocyte subset, Tact, soluble form 110kD dipeptidyl peptidase, T costimulation, HIV entry DPP IV type II TM
CD27 medullary thymocytes, T, B subset, NK subset 50-55kD CD70 receptor, T costimulation T14 TNFRSF
CD28 most T, thymocytes, plasma cells 44kD CD80, CD86 receptor, T costimulation Tp44, T44 IgSF
CD29 lymph, mono, granlow, platelets, mast cells, fibroblasts, endoth 130kD w/ CD49a (VLA-1) receptor for VCAM-1, MAdCAM-1 and ECM Integrin β1 Integrin family
CD30 Bact, T and NK , Reed-Sternberg cells, anaplastic large cell lymphoma 105-120kD CD153 receptor, lymph proliferation/ apoptosis Ki-1 TNFRSF
CD31 mono, platelets, gran, endoth, lymph subset 130-140kD CD38 receptor, adhesion PECAM-1 IgSF
CD32 mono, gran, B, platelets 40kD low affinity Fc receptor for aggregated Ig and immune complexes FcγRII IgSF
CD33 myeloid progenitors, mono, gran, DC, mast cells, Tact 67kD adhesion p67, Siglec-3 IgSF, sialoadhesins
CD34 hematopoietic precursors, capillary endoth, embryonic fibroblasts 105-120kD stem cell marker, adhesion, CD62L receptor   Sialomucin, type I TM
CD35 erythrocytes, B, mono, neutrophils, eosinophils, FDC, T subset 250kD complement receptor 1, binds C3b and C4b, adhesion, phagocytosis CR1 CCRSF
CD36 platelets, mono, mac, endoth, early erythrocytes 88kD ECM receptor, adhesion, phagocytosis GPIV  
CD37 B, Tlow, granlow 40-52kD signal transduction   TM4SF
CD38 variable levels on majority of hematopoietic cells, high expression on plasma cells, B and Tact 45kD ecto-ADP-ribosyl cyclase, cell activation T10  
CD39 B cell adhesion, protects activated cells from lysis, ecto-apyrase 78kD     NK, mac, Langerhans cells, DC, Bact
CD40 B, mono, mac, FDC, endoth, T subset 48kD CD154 receptor, B differentiation/ costimulation, isotype-switching, rescues B cells from apoptosis   TNFRSF
CD41 platelets, megakaryocytes 125/22kD w/ CD61 forms GPIIb, binds fibrinogen, fibronectin, vWF, thrombospondin, platelet activation and aggregation gpIIb Integrin family
CD42a platelets, megakaryocytes 22kD complex w/ CD42b, c and d, receptor for vWF and thrombin, platelet adhesion to subendothelial matrices GPIX LRRF
CD42b platelets, megakaryocytes 145kD complex w/ CD42a, c and d, binds to vWF and thrombin, platelet adhesion/ activation GPIba LRRF
CD42c platelets, megakaryocytes 24kD complex w/ CD42a, b, d GPIbb LRRF
CD42d platelets, megakaryocytes 82kD complex w/ CD42a-c GPV LRRF
CD43 leukocytes, except resting B, plateletslow 115-135kD inhibition of T cell interaction, CD54R, adhesion Leukosialin, sialophorin Sialomucin, type I TM
CD44 hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells, except platelets, hepatocytes, testis 80-95kD binds hyaluronic acid, adhesion H-CAM, Pgp-1 hyaladherin family
CD44R CD44 variants heterogeneous expression, constitutively on epith, mono, upregulated on activated leukocytes   adhesion, metastasis CD44v  
CD45 hematopoietic cells, multiple isoforms from alternative splicing 180-240kD tyrosine phosphatase, enhanced TCR & BCR signals LCA, T200, B220  
CD45RA B, T subset(naive), mono 205-220kD exon A isoforms of CD45    
CD45RB T subset, B, mono, mac, gran 190-220kD exon B isoforms of CD45    
CD45RO Tact, memory T, B subset, mono, mac, gran 180kD isoform of CD45 lacking A, B, C exons    
CD46 nucleated cells 56/66kD membrane cofactor protein, binds C3b & C4b allowing degradation by Factor I, measles virus receptor MCP CCRSF
CD47 hematopoietic cells, epith, endoth, fibroblasts, other tissues 47-52kD leukocyte adhesion, migration, activation IAP IgSF
CD47R New designation for CDw149, similar distribution as CD47 but dimmer        
CD48 broad, all leukocytes 45kD cell adhesion Blast-1 IgSF
CD49a Tact, mono 210kD integrin α1, adhesion, CD49a/CD29 binds collagen and laminin VLA-1 Integrin family
CD49b B, mono, platelets, Tact, megakaryocytes 165kD integrin α2, adhesion, CD49b/CD29 binds collagen and laminin VLA-2 Integrin family
CD49c B and Tlow, most adhesive cell lines 125kD integrin α3, adhesion, CD49c/CD29 binds laminin, fibronectin and collagen VLA-3 Integrin family
CD49d T, B, NK, thymocytes, mono, eosinophils, mast, DC 150kD integrin α4, adhesion, CD49d/CD29 binds fibronectin, VCAM-1 & MAdCAM-1 VLA-4 Integrin family
CD49e thymocytes, T, mono, platelets, early and Bact 135, 25kD integrin α5, adhesion, CD49e/CD29 binds fibronectin VLA-5 Integrin family
CD49f memory T, thymocytes, mono, platelets, megakaryocytes, epith 125kD integrin α6, adhesion, CD49f/CD29 binds laminin VLA-6 Integrin family
CD50 hematopoietic, endoth, epidermal Langerhans cells 110-120kD adhesion, costimulation ICAM-3 IgSF
CD51 plateletslow, endoth, osteoblasts, melanomas 125, 24kD integrin αv, adhesion, CD51/CD61 binds vitronectin, vWF, fibrinogen and thrombospondin Vitronectin receptor Integrin family
CD52 thymocytes, T, B (not plasma cells), mono, mac 21-28kD   CAMPATH-1  
CD53 leukocytes, DC, osteoblasts, osteoclasts 35-42kD signal transduction   TM4SF
CD54 endoth, mono, lymph (high upon activation) 90-110kD receptor for CD11a/CD18 (LFA-1), CD11b/CD18 (Mac-1) and rhinovirus ICAM-1 IgSF
CD55 hematopoietic, endoth 60-70kD binds C3b, complement regulation DAF GPI-linked
CD56 NK, T subset, neurons, some large granular lymphocyte leukemias, myeloid leukemias 175-185kD adhesion NCAM IgSF
CD57 NK subset, T subset 110kD   HNK-1, Leu-7  
CD58 hematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cells 55-70kD CD2 receptor, adhesion LFA-3 IgSF
CD59 hematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cells 19kD binds complement C8 and C9, blocks assembly of membrane attack complex Protectin, MAC- inhibitor GPI-linked
CD60a T subset, platelets, thymic epith, astrocytes   costimulation GD3 CHO
CD60b T subset, Bact     9-O-sialyl GD3 CHO
CD60c T subset     7-O-sialyl GD3 CHO
CD61 platelets, megakaryocytes, mac, endoth 105kD integrin β3, adhesion, CD41/CD61 or CD51/CD61 mediate adhesion to ECM GPIIIa Integrin family
CD62E endoth 97,107-115kD binds CD15s, cell rolling, metastasis E-selectin, ELAM-1 Selectin family
CD62L B, naïve and memory T, mono, gran, NK, thymocytes 74, 95kD CD34, GlyCAM, and MAdCAM-1 receptor, leukocyte homing, tethering, rolling L-selectin, LECAM-1 Selectin family
CD62P activated platelets, endoth 140kD CD162, CD15s receptor, adhesion, neutrophil rolling, platelet-neutrophil and platelet-mono interactions P-selectin, PADGEM Selectin family
CD63 activated platelets, mono, mac 53kD lysosomal membrane protein, moves to cell surface after activation LIMP, LAMP-3 TM4SF
CD64 mono, mac, DC, Interferon or G-CSF activated gran 72kD high affinity receptor for IgG, phagocytosis and ADCC FcγRI IgSF
CD65 gran, mono subset, myeloid leukemias        
CD65s gran, mono, myeloid leukemias   phagocytosis VIM2  
CD66a neutrophils, epith 160-180kD cell adhesion BGP-1, NCA-160 IgSF, CEA family
CD66b gran 95-100kD cell adhesion, neutrophil activation CD67, CGM6 IgSF, CEA family
CD66c neutrophils, colon carcinoma 90kD cell adhesion NCA IgSF, CEA family
CD66d neutrophils 35kD   CGM1 IgSF, CEA family
CD66e colon epith, colon cancer 180-200kD cell adhesion CEA IgSF, CEA family
CD66f pregnancy specific glycoprotein, placental syncytiotrophoblasts, fetal liver 54-72kD immune regulation, protects fetus from maternal immune system PSG, Sp-1 IgSF, CEA family
CD68 intracellularly in mono, mac, neutrophils, basophils, large lymph, mast cells, DC, myeloid progenitors, liver 110kD   Macrosialin, gp110 Sialomucin
CD69 Tact, B, NK and gran, thymocytes, platelets, Langerhans cells 28, 32kD signal transduction AIM C-type lectin
CD70 Bact and Tact 50, 70, 90, 160kD CD27 ligand, T and B cell costimulation Ki-24 TNFSF
CD71 proliferating cells, reticulocytes, erythroid precursors 95kD transferrin receptor, iron uptake T9  
CD72 B, FDC 42kD CD5, CD100 receptor, B proliferation Lyb-2 C-type lectin
CD73 B subset, T subset, FDC, epith 69kD ecto-5’-nucleotidase, nucleoside uptake, T costimulation, lymph adhesion   GPI-linked
CD74 B, mac, mono, Langerhans cells, DC, Tact 33, 35, 41, 43kD MHC class II traffic and function Ii, invariant chain  
CD75 B subset, epith   lactosamines   CHO Sialoglycan family
CD75s B subset, T subset   α-2,6-sialylated lactosamines (previously CDw75 and CDw76)   CHO Sialoglycan family
CD77 germinal center B, Burkitt’s lymphomashigh, follicular lymphomaslow   apoptosis Gb3, Pk blood group  
CD79a B 33, 45kD component of BCR, BCR surface expression and signal transduction Iga IgSF
CD79b B 37kD component of BCR, BCR surface expression and signal transduction Igb IgSF
CD80 Bact and Tact, mac, DC 60kD binds to CD28, CD152, T costimulation B7, B7-1, BB1 IgSF
CD81 T, B, NK, thymocytes, DC, endoth, fibroblast, neuroblastomas, melanomas 26kD complex w/ CD19 & CD21, signaling, T costimulation TAPA-1 TM4SF
CD82 leukocytes 50-53kD signal transduction R2 TM4SF
CD83 Bact and Tact, DC, Langerhans cells 43kD   HB15 IgSF
CDw84 mono, platelets, B, T subset, mac subset 73kD      
CD85 DC, mono, B, NK, T subset 110kD inhibition of NK, T cell cytolytic function   IgSF, ILT/LIR family
CD86 mono, DC, Bact and Tact 80kD binds to CD28, CD152, T costimulation B70, B7-2 IgSF
CD87 gran, mono, NK, Tact, endoth, fibroblasts 39-66kD urokinase plasminogen activator receptor, inflammatory cell invasion, metastasis UPA-R GPI-linked
CD88 gran, mono, DC 40kD C5a receptor, granulocyte activation C5aR TM7SF
CD89 mono, mac, gran, neutrophils, B subset, T subset 55-75kD IgA receptor, phagocytosis, degranulation, respiratory burst FcαR IgSF
CD90 CD34+ hematopoietic subset, neurons 25-35kD hematopoietic stem cell and neuron differentiation Thy-1 IgSF, GPI-linked
CD91 mono, mac, neurons, fibroblasts 600kD receptor for α-2-macroglobulin   LDLR family
CDw92 neutrophils, mono, platelets, endoth, fibroblasts 70kD      
CD93 neutrophils, mono, endoth 120kD      
CD94 NK, T subset 43kD complex w/ NKG2, inhibits NK function KP43 C-type lectin
CD95 lymph (high upon activation), mono, neutrophils 45kD FasL (CD178) receptor, apoptosis Apo-1, Fas TNFRSF
CD96 NK, Tact 160kD adhesion of activated T and NK TACTILE IgSF
CD97 Bact and Tact, mono, gran 74, 80, 90kD     TM7SF
CD98 T, B, NK, gran, all human cell lines 80, 40kD cellular activation 4F2  
CD99 leukocytes 32kD T cell activation, adhesion MIC2, E2  
CD99R T, NK, myeloid cells 32kD isoform of CD99 E2  
CD100 hematopoietic cells except immature bone marrow cells, RBC and platelets 150kD cell adhesion, cellular activation    

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