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Name Expression MW Function Other Names Family
CD201 endoth subset 50kD activated protein C receptor EPC-R  
CD202b stem cells, endoth 150kD angiopoietin-1 receptor Tie2, Tek RTK family
CD203c basophils, mast cells, glioma cells, megakaryocytes 130-150kD ectoenzyme, binding to and clearance of extracellular nucleotides NPP3/PDNP3, ENpp1, PD-1b type II TM
CD204 mac 220kD endocytosis of macromolecules Macrophage scavenger-R  
CD205 DC, thymic epith 205kD DC, thymic epith DEC-205  
CD206 DC subset, mac, mono 180kD phagocytosis and pinocytosis of mannose containing molecules macrophage mannose-R  
CD207 Langerhans cells 40kD endocytic receptor Langerin  
CD208 DCact, interdigitating DC 70-90kD   DC-LAMP  
CD209 DC subset 44kD ICAM-3 receptor, HIV-1 binding protein DC-SIGN  
CDw210 T, B, NK, mono, mac 90-110kD IL-10 receptor, signal transduction IL-10-R  
CD212 Tact and NK 100kD binds IL-12 w/ high affinity, associates w/ IL-12 receptor β2 IL-12-R β1  
CD213a1 B, mono, fibroblasts, endoth 65kD binds IL-13 w/ low affinity, w/ CD124 IL-13-R α1  
CD213a2 B, mono 65kD binds IL-13 w/ high affinity IL-13-R α2  
CDw217 broad 120kD IL-17 receptor IL-17-R  
CDw218a T, NK, DCs 70kD binds IL-18, activation of NF-κB IL-18Rα, IL-1Rrp IL-1R family
CDw218b T, NK and DCs 70kD heterodimeric receptor with IL-18Rα to enhance IL-18 binding IL-18Rβ, IL18RAP IL-1R family
CD220 broad 140, 70kD insulin receptor Insulin-R  
CD221 broad 140, 70kD binds IGF w/ high affinity, signaling, cell proliferation/ differentiation IGF-1 R  
CD222 broad, 90-95% intracellular 250kD adhesion, tumor growth, a receptor for TGFβ-LAP, plasminogen, proliferin, truncated form (220kD) found in serum IGF-II R, mannose-6 phosphate-R Type I TM
CD223 Tact and NK 70kD an MHC class II ligand LAG-3 IgSF
CD224 leukocytes, stem cells 27, 68kD   GGT  
CD225 broad 17kD   Leu-13  
CD226 T, NK, mono, platelets, activated HUVEC 65kD activation of cell-mediated cytotoxicity, soluble form (50kD) found in normal serum DNAM-1, PTA-1, TLiSA1 IgSF
CD227 epith, stem cell subset, FDC, mono, B subset, some myelomas 300kD adhesion, signaling, binds CD169, CD54, & selectins MUC1, EMA Mucin family, type I TM
CD228 stem cells, melanomas 80-95kD   Melanotransferrin  
CD229 T, B 95, 110kD adhesion Ly-9 IgSF
CD230   35kD   Prion protein broad
CD231 T leukemias, neuroblastomas, brain neurons 30-45kD marker for T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia TALLA-1, A15 TM4SF
CD232 broad 200kD   VESP-R  
CD233 erythrocytes 90kD anion exchanger pump, transport of CO2, linking red cell membrane to cytoskeleton Band 3, SLC4A1 Anion exchanger family
CD234 erythrocytes 35-45kD Duffy antigen chemokine receptor Duffy, DARC  
CD235a erythrocytes 36kD   Glycophorin A  
CD235ab erythrocytes 20kD   Glycophorin A/B  
CD235b erythrocytes 20kD   Glycophorin B  
CD236 erythrocytes, stem cell subset 32, 23kD   Glycophorin C/D  
CD236R erythrocytes, stem cell subset 32kD   Glycophorin C  
CD238 erythrocytes, stem cell subset 93kD   Kell  
CD239 erythrocytes, stem cell subset 78-85kD   B-CAM  
CD240CE erythrocytes 30-32kD   Rh30CE  
CD240D erythrocytes 30-32kD   Rh30D TM12SF
CD241 erythrocytes 50kD complex w/ CD47, LW, glycophorin B RhAg, Rh50 TM12SF
CD242 erythrocytes 42kD adhesion, Landsteiner-Wiener blood group ICAM-4 IgSF
CD243 stem cells, small intestine, kidneystem cells, small intestine, kidney 180kD ion pump MDR-1, p170, P-gp  
CD244 T subset, mono, basophils, NK 70kD NK activation, CD48 ligand 2B4 type II TM
CD245 T subset 220-240kD   p220/240  
CD246 anaplastic T cell leukemias, small intestine, testis, brain, not on normal lymph 80kD brain development, implicated in ALK lymphomas ALK, Ki-1  
CD247 T, NK 16kD TCR complex subunit, coupling of antigen recognition to signaling TCRz RTK family
CD248 endothelial tissue, stromal fibroblasts 175kD tumor progression and angiogenesis TEM1, Endosialin C-Type Lectin
CD249 epith, endoth 160kD renin-angiotensin system Aminopeptidase A Peptidase M1 family
CD252 Bact, cardiac myocytes 34kD T costimulation OX-40Ligand, gp34 TNFSF
CD253 Tact, many tissues   death TRAIL, Apo-2L, TL2, TNFSF10 TNFSF
CD254 lymph node & BM stroma Tact 35kD binds OPG and RANK, osteoclast differentiation, enhances DC to stimulate naïve-T proliferation TRANCE, RANKL, OPGL TNFSF
CD256 mono, mac 16kD binds TACI & BCMA, B proliferation APRIL, TALL-2 TNFSF
CD257 monoact, soluble form   B cell growth factor & costimulator of Ig production BLyS, BAFF, TALL-1 TNFSF
CD258 Tact, immature DC 28kD binds LTBR, T proliferation, receptor for HVEM LIGHT, HVEM-L TNFSF
CD261 Tact, peripheral blood leukocytes 57kD contains death domain, apoptosis via FADD & caspase-8 TRAIL-R1, DR4 TNFRSF
CD262 widely expressed, peripheral blood lymphocytes 60kD contains death domain, apoptosis via FADD and caspase-8 TRAIL-R2, DR5 TNFRSF
CD263 peripheral blood lymphocytes 65kD receptor for TRAIL but lacks death domain TRAIL-R3, DcR1, LIT TNFRSF
CD265 broad expression 97kD binds TRANCE, osteoclastogenesis, T-DC interactions RANK, TRANCE-R, ODFR TNFRSF
CD266 heart, placenta and kidney, HUVEC 14kD TWEAK receptor, cell-matrix interactions and endoth growth and migration TWEAK-R, FGF-inducible 14 TNFRSF
CD267 B, Tact   binds BAFF & APRIL TACI, TNFR SF13B  
CD268 B 25kD binds BLyS, mature B survival BAFFR, TR13C TNFRSF
CD269 mature B (membrane and perinuclear) 20kD APRIL & BAFF receptor, B survival & proliferation BCMA, TNFRSF13B TNFRSF
CD271 neurons (schwann cells, growing neurites), BM mesencymal cells 45kD NGF, BDNF, NT-3, & NT-4 receptor, tumor suppressor, cell survival and death NGFR, p75 (NTR) TNFRSF
CD272 Tact, B , remains on Th1 33kD HVEM receptor, inhibitory response BTLA IgSF
CD273 DC subset, mono, mac 25kD PD-1 receptor, costimulation or suppression of T proliferation B7DC, PD-L2, PDCD1L2 IgSF
CD274 leukocytes, broad 33kD PD-1 receptor, costimulation of lymphocytes B7-H1, PD-L1 IgSF
CD275 B, DC, mono 60kD costimulation, cytokine production B7-H2, ICOSL, B7-RP1, GL50 B7 Family
CD276 in vitro cultured DC and mono, Tact, mammary tissue 40-45kD costimulation, T activation B7-H3 B7 Family, ASV
CD277 T, B, NK, mono, DC, endoth, CD34+ cells, tumor cell lines 56kD T activation BT3.1, butyrophilin SF3 A1, BTF5 B7/BT family, ASV
CD278 Tact, Th2 55-60kD binds ICOS-L, T costimulation ICOS, AILIM CD28 family
CD279 Tact and Bact 55kD B7-H1 & B7-DC receptor, autoimmune disease and peripheral tolerance PD1, SLEB2  
CD280 chondrocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial, mac 180kD mannose receptor, collagen matrix remodeling and endocytic recycling ENDO180, UPARAP C-type lectin SF
CD281 low levels in PBMC, mono and possibly DC 90kD innate immunity, w/ TLR2 TLR1 TLR family
CD282 mono, neutrophil, upregulated in mac 90kD binds dsRNA, response to bacterial lipoproteins, innate immunity TLR2 TLR family
CD283 derived moDC (may be intracellular) 100kD binds dsRNA, innate immunity TLR3 TLR family, ASV
CD284 PBMC (weak in mono, immature DC & neutro) 100kD binds LPS, innate immunity TLR4 TLR family, ASV
CD289 pDC (intracellular) 120kD binds CpG-DNA, innate immunity TLR9 TLR family
CD292 bone progenitor 57kD BMP 2 & 4 receptor, bone development BMPR1A, ALK3 Type I
CDw293 bone progenitor 57kD BMP receptor, bone development BMPR1B, ALK6 Type I, ASV
CD294 Th2, eosinophils, basophils 55-70kD binds prostaglandin D2, stimulatory effects on Th2, allergic inflammation CRTH2. GPR44 GPCR-7TM
CD295 broad 132kD adipose metabolism, immune dysfunction in obesity LeptinR, LEPR Type I cytokine-like receptor
CD296 heart and skeletal muscle, peripheral T, NK subset 37kD modifies integrins during differentiation, ADP ribosylation of target proteins ART1, RT6, ART2 ADP-ribosyltransferase
CD297 erythroid, monoact 38kD ADP ribosylation of target proteins ART4, dombrock blood group ADP-ribosyltransferase
CD298 broad 52kD transport sodium & potassium ions across membrane Na+/K+-ATPase β3 subunit  
CD299 endothelial subset 45kD binds ICAM3, HIV-1 gp120, coreceptor w/ DC-SIGN, HIV infection DC-SIGN-related, LSIGN, DC-SIGN2 Type II, similar to CD209, ASV
CD300a NK, mono, neutrophils, T and B subset and lymphocytic cell lines, AML 60kD unknown CMRF35H, IRC1, IRp60 IgSF, ASV
CD300c mono, neutrophils, monocytic cell lines, B & T subsets   unknown CMRF35A, LIR IgSF
CD300e     unknown CMRF35L IgSF CMRF family

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