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*   R&D Systems
Manufacturer supplying research tools and diagnostics for biotechnology and hematology, includes antibodies

*   Randox Life Sciences
Manufacturer & supplier of human recombinant proteins, assay conjugates, high quality polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

*   Antibodies-Online
More than 400000 ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins, peptides and isotype controls. Find and order the most suitable product for your research.

*   Antibody Directory
A comprehensive directory of various antibodies, antigens, enzymes and proteins for molecular life sciences and biotechnology use

*   LifeSpan BioSciences
A global provider of catalog antibodies, custom antibodies, tissue microarrays, and imunohistochemistry (IHC) services

*   Abnova
 Over 45000 antibody/antibodies, 19000 Recombinant Protein/Proteins, 3000 antibody Pairs/Kits

*   eBioscience
Manufacturer of novel and staple research reagents for scientists worldwide: antibodies, ELISA sets, and TrueBlot, a novel WB/IP product

*   BD Biosciences
Develops products including antibodies that help isolate, grow, and analyze living cells and tissue for genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and development, oncology and immune system

*   Imgenex
Develops novel reagents, including antibodies, gene and protein expression systems, and arrays of various cells and tissues

*   Abcam
Supplier of antibodies, kits and reagents

*   BioLegend
Develops antibodies and manufactures world-class, cutting-edge immunological reagents for biomedical research

*   Invitrogen
Offers a wide array of products and services for life science research, particularly in the fields of molecular biology and cell biology

*   Linscott's Directory
Directory of Immunological & Biological Reagents