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Chimeric monoclonal antibodies ("-xi-")
Type Name
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Tumor "-tuxi-" Bavituximab, Brentuximab vedotin, Cetuximab, Siltuximab, Rituximab
Cardiovascular "-cixi-" Abciximab, Volociximab
Imune system "-lixi-" Basiliximab, Clenoliximab, Galiximab, Gomiliximab, Infliximab, Keliximab, Lumiliximab, Priliximab, Teneliximab, Vapaliximab
Melanoma "-mexi-" Ecromeximab
Bacterial "-baxi-" Pagibaximab
Humanized monoclonal antibodies ("-zu-")
Tumor "-tuzu-" Afutuzumab, Alemtuzumab, Bevacizumab, Bivatuzumab mertansine, Cantuzumab mertansine, Citatuzumab bogatox, Dacetuzumab, Elotuzumab, Etaracizumab, Farletuzumab, Gemtuzumab ozogamicin, Inotuzumab ozogamicin, Labetuzumab, Lintuzumab, Matuzumab, Milatuzumab, Nimotuzumab, Oportuzumab monatox, Pertuzumab, Sibrotuzumab, Tacatuzumab tetraxetan, Tigatuzumab, Trastuzumab, Tucotuzumab celmoleukin, Veltuzumab
Immune system "-lizu-" Immunosuppressive: Aselizumab, Apolizumab, Benralizumab, Cedelizumab, Certolizumab pegol, Daclizumab, Eculizumab, Efalizumab, Epratuzumab, Erlizumab, Fontolizumab, Mepolizumab, Natalizumab, Ocrelizumab, Omalizumab, Pascolizumab, Pexelizumab, PRO 140, Reslizumab, Rontalizumab, Rovelizumab, Ruplizumab, Siplizumab, Talizumab, Teplizumab, Tocilizumab, Toralizumab, Vedolizumab, Visilizumab, TGN1412
Non-immunosuppressive: Ibalizumab 
Bacterial "-bazu-" Tefibazumab
Cardiovascular "-cizu-" Alacizumab pegol, Bevacizumab/Ranibizumab, Etaracizumab, Tadocizumab
Nervous system "-nezu-"/
Bapineuzumab, Solanezumab, Tanezumab
Toxin target "-toxazu-" Urtoxazumab
Viral "-vizu-" Felvizumab, Motavizumab, Palivizumab
Inerleukin "-kizu-" Lebrikizumab
Angiogensis "-anibizu-" Ranibizumab
Fully Human monoclonal antibodies ("-u-")
Tumor "-tumu-"/
Adecatumumab, Belimumab, Cixutumumab, Conatumumab, Figitumumab, Iratumumab, Lexatumumab, Lucatumumab, Mapatumumab, Necitumumab, Ofatumumab, Olaratumab, Panitumumab, Pritumumab, Robatumumab, Votumumab, Zalutumumab
Immune system "-limu-" Immunosuppression: Adalimumab, Atorolimumab, Fresolimumab, Golimumab, Lerdelimumab, Metelimumab, Morolimumab immune
 Activation: Ipilimumab, Tremelimumab
 Other: Bertilimumab, Zanolimumab
Bacterial "-bacu-" Nebacumab, Panobacumab, Raxibacumab
Bone "-osu- Denosumab
Nervous system "-neru-" Gantenerumab
Musculo-skeletal "-mulu-" Stamulumab
Viral "-viru-" Exbivirumab, Foravirumab, Libivirumab, Rafivirumab, Regavirumab, Sevirumab, Tuvirumab
Inerleukin "-kinu-" Briakinumab, Canakinumab, Ustekinumab
Fungal "-fungu-" Efungumab
Cardiovascular "-ciru-" Ramucirumab

*  Chimeric   *   Humanized   *  Fully human   * FDA appoved mAbs